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Music album covers

Mariusz Lewandowski's work has been appreciated by many artists, musicians and music labels, which has resulted in the fact that we can admire his work on many music album covers from all over the world. Below are the albums, band names and labels that have chosen to work with Mariusz.

The first was Bell Witch in 2017. “The Essence of Freedom” was created for their album Mirror reaper. The cover was noticed by other bands and appreciated by the artistic community. It was included in the album "Masterpieces heavy music artworks - anno 2017".

The following covers were created one by one. In 2017, Mariusz Lewandowski's paintings appeared on the album of the band Shrine of the Serpent ("Whispers of an old forest", album Shrine of the serpent) and other band Eremit from Germany (art called "Eremit", album Bearer Of Many Names).

Next year brought 15 new covers with the works of Mariusz Lewandowski. The paintings decorated both vinyl records, CDs and cassettes. The Sepulcher team used the "The time of white flag" (PANOPTIC HORROR album), and the Morgue Supplier group - the "Uzerpatory Kingdom" (Inevitability album). ATLANTEAN KODEX chose "Army" for the cover of The Course Of Empire. For the group Psycroptic was created the painting "Before it’s too late" (for the album As the Kingdom Drowns). Other artists have also decided to cooperate with Mariusz Lewandowski, for example Mark Whelan, Cardiac Rupture, Myriad Drone, Rogga Johansson, Necrogod, The Grotesquery, MIZMOR or Jupiterian.

In 2019, the album Golgotha by Elder Druid was released. The painting "Eternal Procession" appeared on it. The work "ANTIGRAVITY" was used on the cover of the group Lares (Towards Nothingness album), and the group Yenisey chose "Styx" for their album The Last Cruise. Mariusz Lewandowski has also been invited by other bands: Tómarúm ("EXCESSIVE PAIN" - Ash In Realms Of Stone Icons album), Trauma ("SAINTS AND DEMONS" on the cover of Acrimona), Pervy Perkin ("Without hope" for the Comedia: Inferno album) and Astral Altar ("CRUSADE - LAST STEP" - AA album). Painting "The Eternal Question" was used on the cover of Mizmor's Cairn.

The following years bring new challenges - covers are created both with the use of existing works and with images created on a special order by the team. The artist creates a "tailor-made" work, listening to the directions he receives from the band and their music. Such works can be seen for example on the cover of the album Stygian by the group Atramentus ("Akt pokory") or Portent of the band F.A.L.S.E. ("The victors of death"). Lewandowski's paintings were also chosen by bands such as Tholing the Void ("Entropia" on the cover of Insignificance), Nihilanth ("Death meeting" and "Damned land" on the Graceless planet album), Doomocracy (“The lower of hope" - cover of Omninous Black ) and again Mark Whelan with the band FUMING MOUTH ("On the other side" for The Grand Descent) or Luis Pestana on the cover of ROSA PANO ("Dance of Death").

In 2021, one of the more recognizable paintings by Mariusz Lewandowski, "The Queen of patience", was used on the cover of the album ... And I Return To Nothingness by Lorna Shore. Frightful chose "The last battle" for the Spectral Creator album.

Next covers in progress!

Album covers by Mariusz Lewandowski:

Art cover Album name Band name Label name
  Mirror Reaper Bell Witch Profound Lore
Art cover Album name Band name Label name
  Mirror Reaper Bell Witch Profound Lore
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